It seems to be en vogue to compile the things one has worked on over the course of the year. This post is that, but mostly for my own reference. I’m enormously proud of these pieces I worked on and edited this year, and that’s why I’m interested in gathering them in one place. Maybe you’d like to listen and watch?

Sound Show

It was a show about sound and the people who make it.

I particularly liked my episode about the movies. I talked to the sound designer behind the THX sound, “Deep Note,” and then I harassed a popcorn manufacturer about why popcorn is so loud.

I got to edit and produce this piece by Owen Phillips about an Italian astronaut who may have filed 6,000 noise complaints against his local airport.

Adrianne Jeffries and I talked to a bunch of people about what Pandora is doing these days, and whether The Music Genome Project was worth the effort.

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The Outline World Dispatch

Four shows a week! What were we thinking? Yikes! We did a ton of stories this year, but here are my favorites.

Zoë Beery dug into The Great 78 Project, which is digitizing hundreds of thousands of old discarded 78 records. It’s crazy.

I talked to Rollin Bishop about Andrew Yoon, a game designer who died in 2015. This is the story of his death, the aftermath around the game he made, and the legal battle around it.

I didn’t have a lot to do with this, but I loved Adrianne Jeffries’s bizarre interview with “The Email Prankster.”

I edited Tolu Edionwe’s piece about people who hold on to voicemails from their dead loved ones.

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Out West

I got to co-host a podcast about Westworld where we tossed around our own insane theories and kicked the tires on our listeners’. Adrianne Jeffries and I also made this video in which we turned out to be 100% correct about everything (spoilers, obviously).

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