And now a visit to John’s Time Capsule. I found the mp3 of this piano trio the other day. It’s the second movement of a piece called “Recollections of an Aging Secret Agent” (the first movement is, well, terrible, so I’m not posting it here). The file date is December of 2007, so I assume I wrote this as the final assignment of that semester’s composition class. It’s piano, cello, and violin, and the idea seems to have been variations of a theme. I like it, generally, though there are sections and orchestration choices that I would change now. The audio below is (obviously) a computer-played demo that I handed in.


It’s also funny how this demo was created. I seem to remember that it was my first time really using Reason (on a PC!) for anything, and I basically made Finale channel MIDI into Reason’s factory sounds. All things considered, it’s actually decent-sounding, especially since it was 2007. My, how things have changed.

If you’re interested, you can also see the woefully under-marked PDF of the score. It’s cool-looking, if nothing else. And of course, if you want to actually perform it or something, just let me know before you do!