I just got my hands on Logic Pro 9, which has all kinds of killer features. In the last 36 hours alone, I’ve been able to use almost all of them to improve tracks I’ve been working on. The most useful (and frankly, incredible) new tool is called FlexTime, and among other things, it can quantize audio. Incredible to watch.

But that’s not what I’m writing about.  No, I’m writing about what happened when I first opened the box.  Inside the packaging theres a smaller box which contains all the installation discs for the various components of Logic Studio, and the bundled bonus content.  And sitting right on top of all those discs, was one labeled “Final Cut Pro.”  I kid you not.

It’s not even like this disc looked similar.  Final Cut comes on white-colored discs, Logic on black.  It was the opposite color.  I was distressed at first, so I decided to pop it into the computer just to see how bad a mistake this was.  Confusingly, the software on the disc was indeed Logic Pro 9.  Somehow in manufacturing, they printed this disc with the Final Cut branding, apparently.  So now I’ll own a legitimate install disc that I had to label with a sharpie.

Pictures of all this after the break.