Well, maybe not, but this is still pretty cool news.  I just set up a new music section, and it’s actually hosted entirely by Bandcamp.  If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a startup that streams, hosts, and sells (kind-of) music for independent artists.

The way my Bandcamp site is set up, you can download the Ditties, and the other random songs I’ve posted here, under the “album” called “Unfinished Business.”  You can stream and download individual tracks, as well as entire albums there.  And more interestingly for me, if you feel compelled to pay for any of the content there, you can.  That’s right – download all my music for free, or name your own price if you wanna help out.  Also, for you audiophiles, the music is available in a ridiculously varied collection of codecs and bitrates, all the way up to completely lossless.

So go poke around, and let me know if there’s any way you think I can improve the offerings over there (or even if you think I should scrap it altogether).