For those of you who may recently have been met with an obscene (and terribly-designed) spam page, or a static “under contruction” page here, my apologies.  This site was hacked over the weekend, and it took some time to get it back in order.  I can’t yet say for certain it won’t come back to bite me again, but I have taken measures to prevent it from ocurring again.

A big thank you to Bluehost, whose tech support seems to get even better every time I call up.  I’m never on hold very long, and every tech I’ve ever spoken to there has been helpful, knowledgeable, and generally intelligent.  And thank God they keep backups, because I would’ve been in real trouble without them.

In that vein, just a quick PSA.  If you’re running a WordPress-powered site, make sure to a) always keep a backup of both your WordPress directory and database, and b) always upgrade quickly to the newest version of the software.  Apparently, a vulnerability in my outdated WordPress install was probably the root of my woes, and don’t I look stupid now for not having prevented it.  So, please, do better than I did, and keep on top of it.