I’m pretty sure this is the coolest, most mind-blowing thing I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never used Melodyne, but evidently the public beta of the newest version is now available to existent users.  The idea behind the new Direct Note Access is that Melodyne listens to polyphonic audio sources, picks apart the individual notes, and then lets you edit the whole thing in a fashion much like that of a MIDI piano roll.


This is just so cool.  It also means that you can use sampled loop libraries in an entirely different way now.  For instance, I don’t play the guitar, but I’ve got lots of strumming acoustic loops that I can use.  However, these are loops tend to be stock chords/voicing/progressions.  But apparently, you can change all that now, and use the timbre and feel of a sample and mold the pitch independently.  It also means that spot-on guitar track you recorded without noticing the E string was flat is now usable again.  This is blowing my mind.