I just found this video of some really interesting “electronic” music (sorry this has become a video blog lately):

Now, I’m on the fence about this one.  This is one sick set of musical instruments, with some really innovative alternatives to sequencing and sampling, and their hearts seem to be in the right place.

My problem, though, is with the creative choices that these people seem to be making in performance.  I just don’t like what they’re doing musically.  And it’s a crying shame, because the instruments and sounds they’re using all seem like they could add up to something a lot more listenable and interesting.  It all just sounds like an elaborate proof-of-concept to me.

The beat structures aren’t particularly stable, the synth chords don’t really go anywhere, and nothing has much shape.  I’m not saying that all good music needs these things, but in a situation like this, when the variable and novelty is the sonic pallet itself, I’d much prefer something with traditional structure interpreted through novel sounds.  (The one exception in my mind is the marimba chairs at the end, but that’s not even part of their sequencer setup.)

Has anyone heard these guys play anything else?  Are there better songs around?