Was local news ever good? Because recently it’s gone from bad to downright hilarious.  Between ridiculous human interest stories, to complete and utter misinformation, it’s no wonder cable news stations are doing so well right now.

Last week Improv Anywhere set up an awesome April Fools prank in which they randomly “invaded” a funeral.  Turns out it was a hoax set up for April Fool’s and no actual funeral was involved.  However, some local news station picked it up, and reported it as fact.

Apparently, in order to make it onto the nightly news, a story doesn’t have to go through any fact-checking, or verification at all.  Really, all it needs is a YouTube video, and it’s fit for broadcast.

And if I need to watch Al Roker struggling with a newfangled piece of technology one more time, I’m going to throw up.  Network news caters to the lowest-common-denominator, and the result is a newsroom staffed with people in that very bracket.

No one has been as much a staple in my network news upbringing than Sue Simmons.  This woman must be a complete nutjob off the air, because if you Google her name, you’ll find a few choice YouTube videos.  I really can’t say anything about them that the clips themselves don’t say.  Click on to watch.