Charming, really, what an introduction: “…If nothing else, it will be funny.”  Thanks a ton, John.

Oh, hi there, didn’t see you reading, sorry for the snark.  Please, let me introduce myself.  My name’s Brian and I’ll be stopping by here to fill in while JT is gone.  John and I go way, way back.  We’re also frequently incorrectly assumed brothers — it’s pretty strange.  In any case, my usual musings over at my own little corner of the web tend to gravitate towards classical music and the classical guitar, though like John I sometimes take the occasional peep in to the ridiculousness of the media.  I’m also, however, a closet musical theatre sometimes lover and sometimes hater, and I suppose in John’s absence I’ll do some thinking about that neighborhood of the musical world in this space.  I’ll be back with something of real substance soon, I promise.  And to make JT happy I guess I’ll work on making it funny, too.