This article from Slate, about an NYC reality TV school is downright disturbing.  The point seems to be that this course will give you a leg-up on being cast in a reality series.  Now, I’m not going to dwell on the fact that of course the people who will pay to learn how to depict reality are exactly the ones that belong on these shows.  No, instead, I think it’s more important that we step back and look at what this means.

This Robert Galinsky fellow has quite a racket going, and I wonder if he even knows it.  See, the whole point of this class seems to be to teach students how to be an amplified and self-assured version of themselves.  I guess this is somewhat commendable – after all, being true to oneself does seem important – but Galinsky is making money off it. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that it’s misguided information; he’s telling his students that they need to affect this behavior.  It’s a fine line, but kind of an unfair one.

What I think would be really fun is a reality show about this place.  Think about it: it’s a treat for everyone there, since they’re trying to be on TV.  It’s great for Galinksy because it gives his class more exposure.  It’s good for the networks since not only does it promise to be a hit, but it’s extra advertising for reality TV in general.  Plus, we all get to watch a bunch of crazies trying to affect their ways to stardom via trashy TV.  Who’s with me on this?