So, I know this post is completely elitist, and I know I’m ridiculous (it’s inspired by this post on Stuff White People Like).  But it drives me absolutely crazy to see signs for things double-pluralized in Italian.  I’m talking about “raviolies,” “connolies,” and the oddest yet, “calamaries.”  (WordPress doesn’t even think that last one is a spelling error, though Firefox, to its credit, does.)

Things ending in “i” in Italian are generally plural already.  It’s one thing for your average American to not know this, and continue to pluralize Italian words the English way.  However, my Italian grandparents do it, too.  Doesn’t that bother them?  Why doesn’t that seem wrong?

It’s just as bad, too, when Italian restaurants do it.  I’ve seen many a menu offering “zities.”  What gives?  Errors in straight-up English would probably be embarrassing if brought to the attention of the management.  Yet these Italian dishes are chronically misspelled and never corrected.  Not cool, people.