I’ve been wondering about this one for a while.  Say you’re at a dinner party with some close friends or family.  After dinner, before dessert, the host offers coffee to his guest.  You graciously accept the offer, and the host says “alright, I’m making decaf.”

Now, at this point I should note that I’m a coffee addict.  By “addict” I mean I’m literally physically dependent on caffeine (I get headaches in the afternoon if I haven’t had some coffee).  So my question: is it rude to ask the party’s host if he has any regular?

My initial inclination is that yes, it is a faux pas.  However, let’s consider other beverages.  Wine connoisseurs seem to have the right to ask pointed questions about their beverage, and it comes off as classy and a little intimidating, but not obnoxious.

So why do we coffee drinkers get nasty looks when we ask for quality drinks?  My gut tells me that we shouldn’t be shafted, but is it worth it at the risk of alienating your host?