So, I’m kind of bummed. Brian and I were psyched to audition for Mark Burnett’s new reality show ‘Jingles.’ The basic premise is that teams compete to write commercial jingles for ad companies. The idea behind the show is to revive the art of the jingle.

You can imagine why Brian and I were so excited about this. Well, it turns out that we’d have to be available for six weeks this summer/fall. It would be kind of hard to justify taking a semester off to be on a reality show about commercial jingles. Maybe next season, after it becomes the most successful television venture in the history of the medium.

Also, all you web designers out there: can anyone figure out what’s wrong with my navbar? The lightup buttons display too high on Macs. I have neither a Mac nor the knowhow to fix this issue, so any help would be much appreciated.